children's house with tree and ginger cat on a branch



This is a story about a little girl and a little boy

They can't do some things very well because they both have something wrong with their legs or arms

So they play with toys that have something wrong with their body, or how they look

All they want is to play like ordinary children, and be able to go places, and for people to want to play with them


children's playroom


The two children just want to be accepted, like any ordinary children, and even lots of older people do

They don't want to feel there is something different about them, or not quite good enough or right about them

There's nothing unusual in that, after all

children and tv

They're just children who want to be like anyone else, and to be likeable, like anyone

Even when they don't feel very well, or they don't get everything right



They liked to play at going to the circus, seeing all the animals and funny people who put on shows

juggler at the circus

Things that could make people laugh and enjoy themselves, and forget their hurts and worries for a while


The children had toy acrobats who could do all manner of feats on swings and things

And a monkey playing a drum

monkey playing drums

But what the children wanted more than anything in the whole world, apart from being accepted, was go to a real live circus


One day their small town was buzzing with exciting news - The big circus was coming to town!

town crier and mouse holding circus placards


At first they did not get excited themselves, because they thought they'd never be able to go

After all, they'd never been to a real circus before

But their parents started to talk about it and to make plans, and the children began to think it could be real


Then they did get excited, and thought about what they would see, and the clothes they would wear

And about all the animals, and the people there would be

It seemed to be ages till the day of the circus


A few days before the circus was due they had a wonderful surprise

All of the animals and clowns and funny people, and lots of people who could not walk properly like them, came right past their little house

circus procession


They watched them pass by the window in a long stream, chattering and laughing

The children waved at the circus people and they all waved back to them

Some of the animals were in trucks or trolleys, but the rest ambled along slowly, all jumbled up with the circus people

The animals seemed to be waving and smiling too



Finally the day came for the circus, and the children got ready, putting on their nice clothes and brushing their hair

Then they set off with their parents for the proper circus, not make-believe like play, or even in their wildest dreams

When they got to the circus, the enormous tent was shaped like a big clown with a funny face

Outside they saw the people and some of the animals who had passed by their house that day

circus tent

Some had sticks and bicycles, scooters and trolleys, because they couldn't walk too well for one reason or another.

They said Hello to the two children, and they all went inside the enormous coloured tent



The atmosphere inside was exhilarating. It was really too noisy, but it felt good too

There was music and chatter like a big buzzing sound

They saw people from their town and some children they knew a bit though not really well



Then the show began

The compere promised the audience a very good show, and he announced all of the acts

compere announcing circus acts and lion-taming

happy seal balancing a red ball on his nose



Then a giraffe and a llama walked slowly round the ring twice while everyone clapped again

The animals liked it too

giraffe standing upright with cymbals and a pretty llama


Then came the elephants who did a balancing act, while others walked round the ring

There were some small baby elephants which were really adorable, and everyone loved those

The children were able to pat them and the people cheered

two elephants balancing on a third one between them



Next it was the turn of the ordinary performers

But they really weren't ordinary at all

circus performers


Some walked on stilts, some had sticks, some rode on a scooter or a trolley with wheels

Some had bicycles, and some had a bike with only one wheel, somehow balancing on that

And one performer just had one very big wheel!



The clowns did funny things to make people laugh, which they could make happen without saying even one word

But all of the people including the children knew what they meant anyway

three clowns doing their act with a peapod moon behind them



The final circus act to watch was a big dancing bear dressed up in a smart yellow waistcoat

He was very large indeed, but he danced so nimbly that people wondered how

nine animal musicians play while a large bear dances

The children had not been aware of the orchestra up to now, though they'd been playing music for all of the acts

They were all animals of different sorts, and they played with great gusto

It was like everything and everyone suddenly coming alive



Imagine the children's surprise when the music finally stopped, and the bear walked over to them

He scooped the two children up, one in each of his big woolly arms

Then he placed them carefully on the back of a handsome horse, larger than you've probably ever seen


.large circus horse with bright adornments and a feather


While everyone else left the big circus tent to return to their small homes, the children had the time of their lives

Riding in style on the back of the wonderful horse



A very smartly dressed duck, or something else - it was hard to tell - approached the children with a small gift each

smartly dressed duck with top hat


He - or she, because again you couldn't really tell - said:

We'd like you to accept this small gift each to help you remember this night. These gifts could have been more expensive or extravant. We just want you to know that here you found happiness and acceptance, just as you are

We all here know how people can be cruel, or laugh at us for the wrong reasons. We are all different from each other. We don't fit in with most people - except with each other, and special people like you

Go back now to your home and be thankful for what you do have. Others will envy you for knowing who you are, and that you are accepted for that

Au Revoir. We will come this way again and see you then

The musicians struck up another lively tune, and the children left to go home with their parents

children's house with tree and ginger cat on a branch



Their ginger cat Amber had been happily dreaming of being a big stripey tiger in the circus

But he was secretly very glad to see the children come home


ginger cat and big striped tiger



The children opened their gifts from the duck-person at the circus, and gave them pride of place up on the toy room shelf

Guess what they were . . .

Two tickets in their names for the circus! They had no date on them:

Just an open invitation to drop by and meet them, whether they were in that town or any another in the whole world


And they could come even if the circus were having a rest, and not putting on a special performance for anyone

This was the circus people's way of telling the children they were acceptable to them, any way that they were

And at absolutely any time


Now the children felt much better in themselves, and invited other children to tea

And those children invited them to go to places with them, or just to play or chat


Often they dream of the lovely day at the big circus in town, and sometimes play with their small circus and performers

children's playroom



Amber the cat still dreams of being a big, fierce, stripey tiger, though he doesn't let on to people about that

Amber the cat sitting



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